AMCA warns of text message scam targeting Netflix users

Netflix users are being warned to ignore a text message doing the rounds, urging subscribers to update their details.

The SMS is fake and is designed to steal member’s credentials and banking details.

The Australian Media and Communications Authority issued a warning on its Facebook page on Wednesday.


It reads:

“Attention Netflix users: A fake SMS is currently being circulated urging you to “Update your Netflix Account so you can continue enjoying your Netflix service”.

The link in the SMS takes you to a fake sign-in page almost identical to the real Netflix webpage.

This is a scam specifically targeting Australian Netflix users, aiming to steal your Netflix credentials.

It’s a reminder that phishing scams aren’t just about stealing your bank account details and that you need to keep all your personal information safe and secure.”

The AMCA urges any one who receives the message to delete it immediately.

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