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Amy Shark chats to Hot Tomato about her new jaw-dropping album

Gold Coast local legend, Amy Shark, had a yarn with Hot Tomato’s Galey, Emily Jade & Christo yesterday morning about the release of her new album, Cry Forever.

Shark uses her undeniable songwriting talent to document her stories of love and loss, and to capture her life in the public eye.

The indie-pop singer-songwriter told the breakfast team that her new album is a “culmination of so, so much over like the last 16 years”.


The common misconception that Shark was propelled into the limelight as an overnight sensation couldn’t be further from the truth.

After 15 years of rejection and setbacks, Amy proved her shark-like determination and unstoppable nature was enough to make it on a global stage.

The songstress documents this journey in Cry Forever, which features collaborations with some major industry names, including Ed Sheeran, Keith Urban and Blink-182 drummer and producer, Travis Barker.

A prominent theme throughout her second album revolves around her rise to fame.

“[Fame] can bring out the ugliest side of people,” Shark told the Hot Tomato breakfast hosts.

“When you think about becoming an artist and signing a record deal, you don’t romanticize those parts, you don’t think to yourself, but if I make it people might change, and people might let you down.

“You never sort of prepare yourself for things to happen and change and I don’t like that side of it… It’s just, it’s so heartbreaking.”

Leaving no stone unturned, Shark also delves into her tumultuous relationship with her estranged father in the self-titled track, ‘Amy Shark’.

On the final track of the album Shark sings, “I wonder sometimes if you were in the crowd, cause I needed help, I needed love, I needed care, I needed a hug, I needed praise, I needed time with you… Please don’t start now that I’m Amy Shark.”

Radio host and Gold Coast personality, Emily Jade O’Keefe said, I just thought it was the most real song ever written by an artist ever because you really highlight what it’s like”.

Staying true to herself, Amy Shark’s honesty is the best policy philosophy carries through to her Instagram…

Shark uploaded an unfiltered video of her and hubby/co-manager Shane Billings discussing the finer details of the album.

“I adored what you uploaded the other day with Shane on choosing the tracks and how you were just fighting like husband and wife,” said Emily Jade.

Shark said, “it was really important to me… I just really wanted to capture the whole journey of doing this album.”

“Obviously Shane had no idea that I hit the record [button] before he came in. That’s six minutes taken from like two hours.

“I just needed people to see that, and obviously that it’s not pretty. It’s really not that pretty all of the time, and that’s sort of what the whole album represents as well,” said the musician.

Amy will return home to the Gold Coast on June 25 to share her Cry Forever Tour on the HOTA stage.

Show your support for our local legend by listening to Amy Shark’s deeply confessional second album Cry Forever and listen to Galey, Emily Jade & Christo’s full interview below.