An extraordinary encounter with killer whales on the Gold Coast

This week in whale news, the Gold Coast has been treated to another incredible killer whale (orca) encounter.

Local fisherman, Billy Baine, spotted a large pod of orca between North and South Stradbroke Island. Baine was making his way on a usual boat run when he noticed the pod. He kept his distance from the pod until the orcas chose to say hello.

Bain spent 4-5 hours with the orca and attempted to hand feed one curious individual with a fish. The orcas instead chose to play with the fish and blow bubble rings, a sign of curiosity, surprise or excitement.

Bain was then introduced to the pod’s latest addition, an adorable baby orca. This calf will learn to hunt and survive with the pod and will stay with its family group for its entire life.

Unfortunately, for humpback whales, their calves are on the top of killer whales’ list of favourite meals.

Similar to a pack of wolves, the predators work as a team to separate a calf from its mother. Unfortunately, once a baby loses its mother, it has little chance of surviving.

With an increase of humpback whale calves in the Gold Coast Bay, it’s the best time of year to have a chance to spot killer whales in the area.

Sea World Cruises is keeping an eye out for orcas during their Whale Watching Cruises.

After a week of tumultuous weather, Sea World Cruises are excited to return to the humpback highway.

After making a creche out of balmy Northern Queensland waters, the humpback whales are ready to make the return journey southward. Calves are beginning to grow strong enough for their biggest swim yet, a huge 5,000 kilometre journey to Antarctica.

Eager whale watchers will be delighted to witness 6-8 week old humpbacks playing against the backdrop of the Gold Coast.

Confident to swim without the assistance of mum, southbound calves are clumsily learning whale behaviours, such as breaching, peduncle throws and pectoral slaps. Youngsters have been seen on ‘play dates’ with other whales, whilst their mothers enjoy downtime with each other.

Sea World Cruises are expecting more mugging encounters, a behavioural term used to describe when a humpback hangs out with a vessel.

Mugging is a great display of the trust these whales have with humans, often exposing their underbelly and poking their heads vertically out of the water.

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