Anglican church passes new child protection rules

The Anglican Church has passed new national guidelines at their national conference today in a bid to protect children from sexual abuse.

Under the regulations clergy and church workers will be bound by national regulations for the first time.

These include a code of conduct, standards for screening people and pathways for dealing with sex offenders.


The church also agreed to be regularly audited by an independent body and have the results made public.

The changes come after the head of the Australian Anglican church condemned Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s decision to cut welfare payments to 100 asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.

The Anglican Primate of Australia, Philip Frieier, said it was a callous attack on vulnerable people.

“I am deeply concerned about the recent announcement by the immigration minister that welfare services will be cut to around 100 asylum seekers who were brought here for medical treatment,” he said.

“This is just the latest in a series of decisions to place vulnerable people in even more exposed conditions.”

At the synod, the Archbishop told Australia’s 23 dioceses that refugee policy was a matter which many politicians would like the church to remain silent on.