Angry neighbour shoots dead pensioner for mowing lawn too late at night

A PENSIONER has been shot dead by her next door neighbour for mowing her lawn too late at night in the US state of Ohio.

Police said 50-year-old James Blair shot the 62-year-old woman in the head outside her Kirkwood Home in Willard because she was mowing her lawn at 11pm.

Scores of police swooped on the property where officers were caught up in a tense five-hour stand-off with Blair who had barricaded himself inside his home following the shooting.


Running out of patience, police fired tear gas into the home and arrested the 50-year-old, along with his 72-year-old mother who was charged with tampering with evidence after police allege she tried hiding the gun used in the shooting.

Blair is currently being remanded in custody on a $1 million bond and is due to appear in court on August 4.