Angry residents warn ‘someone is going to get killed’ over car thefts, Gold Coast

Residents warn it’s only a matter of time before home break ins turn deadly, with a neighbourhood group in Benowa banding together to put an end to crime in the area.

It comes after a luxury heist was caught on camera, with thieves making off with two vehicles – a Mercedes and a Lexus – from a property along Cabana Boulevard at 6.30am yesterday morning.

The whole incident was caught on camera, even the home owner rushing out to stop the robbery.


A neighbour says that the local community is getting fed up with the increasing rates of crimes, claiming way more needs to be done.

“The wife is distraught – very shaken up, and the husband is very angry. That’s what’s happening – anger, is building in our community,” one neighbour told Channel 9.

So various community members have decided enough is enough, and have begun taking matters into their own hands.

“We’ve got a group of about 10 husbands and fathers who are risking their lives chasing crooks out of the neighbourhood.

“Someone is going to get killed, and it’s either going to be a criminal or a resident, and I’ll tell you – it’s not going to be a resident,” the neighbour said.

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