Animated Gold Coast stars in new Foxtel show

The Gold Coast will star internationally from this Sunday as the backdrop of a new animated television series on Foxtel, Pacific Heat.

The new 13-episode series was created by Working Dog Productions – the team behind Frontline, Utopia and The Castle – and has been described as ‘Blue Heelers in bikinis’. It will take place against “the backdrop of the glitzy Gold Coast, where sun and surf meets soaring crime rates.”

The team decided to make the show as an animation, rather than live action because “you can get away with anything”.


Working Dog’s Michael Hirsh said: “Making an animated series is, I guess, another example of this desire to try out different ways of doing things.

“We showed a few short scenes to Foxtel and they commissioned the series on the spot.”

The first season will follow the exploits of a dynamic unit of undercover police investigators as they chase down bad guys and irritate the Police Chief’s peptic ulcer with their exploits.

Graham Burrells, Head of Premium Entertainment, Foxtel Networks said: “Adult animation has always been popular on The Comedy Channel and it’s fantastic to have a home-grown Australian animation series on Foxtel. Pacific Heat is a perfect fit for our audience.”

Watch the first episode this Sunday night at 8pm EDT on Foxtel’s The Comedy Channel.