Anita Cobby killer bashed in Sydney jail

One of the men jailed over the vicious rape and murder of Sydney nurse Anita Cobby is in a serious condition after being bashed in prison.

Gary Murphy was rushed to St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney after being attacked at Long Bay Jail on Tuesday morning.

The 61-year-old is understood to have suffered serious head injuries in the attack.


It’s reported the bashing happened in the prison’s shower block.

A spokesperson for Corrective Services NSW said Police were investigating and “a number of assailants had been identified.”

Murphy, along with brothers Michael and Leslie, Michael Murdoch and John Travers, was found guilty in 1987 of the abduction, rape and murder of Anita Cobby in a crime that shocked the nation.

Gary Murphy pictured in a Police mugshot

Ms Cobby was snatched off a street in Blacktown while walking from the train station to her parents’ home.

Her body was found several days later in a paddock in Prospect.

All five men were sentenced to life in prison, never to be released.

Michael Murphy died in February after a battle with cancer.

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Identify the assailants…and immediately reduce their sentences for good behavior


Gary Murphy was the least likely of the group as he is intellectually challenged. He was led into something which destroyed so many lives. Michael Murphy was the ring leader, and Murdoch was proven to not have participated but was present. This case highlighted the single-use law of common purpose. Just being there is enough to get you full complicity. Unless you are a copper who watched while his colleagues committed crimes.

gary murphy was still there and he played a part in what happened to her no one force him to do what he did
they all had a part of what happened to that poor helpless woman they should have been hung they have been theiving oxygen for long enough

I hope they all burn and rot in hell, in the meantime make their lives hell on earth.

Regardless he is still a low life piece of s*** an deserves more treatment like this

This happened a long time ago. We have to let go of the anger and need for violence. It is doing no-one any good. Calling for violent thugs to be violent when it suits your purpose, makes you no better than the violent thugs themselves. We all need to draw a line in the sand and keep the violence and hate on one side of the line, and we should all stay on the other side. Violence is never the correct way to do anything. Advocating for people to be bashed or killed is what the bad guys do. Are we ready to accept that we are bad guys too?

No we don’t, because most agree that they got off very easy and have not been punished anywhere near enough. Apparently the details of what they did to Anita inc how badly they tortured and mutilated her are too disturbing for public consumption. Many people thought they deserved the death penalty which they would have gotten in many US states of course. I would prefer instead that they had just been bashed like this on a regular basis. Probably still not adequate punishment, but getting closer to it.

were you even born when this horrific senseless act happened ………… would you like it if that happened to your mother daughter sister or your wife ….. you need to crawl back into your hole

Go tell that to Anita’s family !
I’m sorry but at the trial these monsters showed absolutely no mercy for the human life they so cruelly destroyed in such an evil way.
In fact from memory at their trial they were laughing in the face of her poor parents who were so heartbroken by what had happened to their beautiful daughter.
I hope they each suffer a terrible life behind bars and know how much they’re hated with every bashing they get.

i agree they should rot in hell

Anita Cobby would disagree with your dogooder attitude..if she could

Has anyone in your family been murdered. Because as a mother who’s son was ambushed and murdered let me tell you no sympathy is afforded those who where involved in the stealing the breath of your loved one. The anger remains until the day I join my child. I got one will always hold onto it. Please shush if you haven’t walked in the shoes of the victims loved ones.

Christine, I’m sorry to read about your SON, may he R.I.P until you are both together ????

Your wrong John Travis was the ring leader. The others followed like dogs. The murder happened around the corner from my high school, we were in lockdown every day until all the grubs were caught. Anita lived not far from the school. My cousins and my brother went to school the same time as Anita and her sister. The murder certainly shook up the residence in Blacktown. I remember waiting with others at the police station when they were caught. If only the residents could get to them then, they would’ve been killed then and there.

Where is he now? What jail, which State?

… Michael Murphy was the seasoned crim who had already got another prisoner (Steven Shipley) murdered over an escape attempt in Parramatta. Murphy was the leader, Travis was the moron who did his bidding. When no-one else wanted to kill poor Anita, Travis stepped up in order to please Murphy. Do not believe the media or police on this one. They will say anything to get a conviction. These men are all guilty according to common purpose, but only one did the killing. The vile Travis should have been put into general population from day one but was afforded all the protections of other sick scumbags. Like I said, Michael Murphy was the ring leader and controlled the others who looked up to him as he had done Hard Time. Small minds are attracted to things like that, hence the huge female following of men on death row in America, and those doing life sentences here. The other fellows were just smalltime hoods and wannabes. Their gullibility caused the horrendous torture and death of a beautiful person, and their own lives destroyed as well. No winners in this one. The police all got promotions and commendations, and the media sold copy, so maybe they won. But no-one else.

They’re all Guilty & I hope they ROT in Hell ??

Definitely worth a nomination for Australian of the Year for whoever gave him a dose of his own medicine

The Inmates need their sentences reduced by 1/2, so the screws put him gen pop & then gets bashed??, good on the Inmates, the scews should be giving these guys a pat on the back & a party, ??

He was put in general population at his own request. Once they are in protected custody they don’t get put into general population unless requested by the prisoners. I think he thought he was safe to come out of protective custody as it has been years since the murder. And he probably thought that the inmates had forgotten about Anita. Stupid fool was wrong. Good on the inmates they’ve been waiting for this day to come.

No one cares…absolutely no one.

Speak for yourself. You obviously don’t, but many others do,.

How can u say no one cares about the beautiful.young woman whose life was cut short by these animals I hope they all.die a long lonely painful death and go straight TO Hell

I do t believe he fordnt care about Anita.

I think he means no one cares about the bashing i know i don’t pity the other mongrels don’t cop some as well

Pity that there isn’t any video footage of it would be great having a couple of beers watching it

Keep the pain killers away hope he recovers and it happens again the mongrel low life.
Hope they give whoever done it a medal

When the people applaud a gang of violent thugs continuing to do what they were placed into punishment for, it is time to reevaluate your worldview.
We should be arguing against violent retribution, not encouraging vigilante violence. These people, I assume, will be released one day and the message they will be taking with them is … It is good to bash someone you do not like. Even better if it is someone that someone else does not like. Yeah, I really want to live in that society. NOT!

Michael Alexander, they will never be release from gaol , we’ve been paying to keep them for 34yrs, it’s a shame we don’t have the DEATH penalty, & btw with your comment, your an IDIOT ??..

Did you ever lose someone to violent murder. I think not.

bring back the death penalty

I think that’s too good for them. I personally would have preferred them to be subjected to regular beatings like this one,over a long period of time. Let them experience a small taste of what they inflected on Anita

Pity the maggot got to live this long. They should have got the death sentence for their crime. I’ve got no sympathy for pieces of … like him.

At the end of the day they were found guilty of the crimes and nobody can change that. Hope they have a s*** time in jail and they learn their lesson the r****s.

Wonderful beautiful news, really enjoyed my dinner upon hearing this wonderful occurrence, yes I agree these wonderful prisoners should have their sentence reduced by half and a party made for them 🙂

die violently piece of s***s