300,000 vaccine doses to be distributed across the country

Another shipment of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has touched down in Australia and will be among the 300,000 vaccine doses set to be distributed across the country over the next ten days.

The arrival of the Pfizer vaccine comes just two days after the Astra Zeneca jabs arrived down under.

“We have 443,000 doses of Pfizer that have arrived in our country,” Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt told reporters from Canberra on Tuesday.


“They will be cleared by the TGA, assessed for temperature, although early signs are positive, and that is also in addition to the Zeneca 3000 which arrived only two days ago.”

He said the vaccines will be distributed to the states within the next 10 days.

“Over the current 10 day period, we will make almost 300,000 doses available to the states and that will be the two distributions of Pfizer and one of AstraZeneca,” Minister Hunt said.

NSW is expected to receive 86,000 doses, while Queensland will get another 57,000 doses.

It means more than 730,000 COVID-19 vaccines have now arrived in Australia.

“We expect continuity of supply and then in late March, as previously indicated, approximately a million doses per week,” Minister Hunt said.

Despite fears the country was falling behind its initial target of vaccinating all Australians by October, Minister Hunt said he remains confident they are still on track.

“That remains our objective and timeframe,” he said.

“What this is about is a ramp up, and we will see progressively with the arrival of new doses and the commencement of the AstraZeneca doses by the states next week, we see that increase.

“Then we see what is called the phase 1B. When we move to our over 80s and our over 70s, our immunocompromised Australians and the balance of our health workers, that we will bring onboard over 4000 general practice clinics and build those progressively.

“This is a progressive rollout, done that way for reasons of safety and security. We will continue rolling it out and these arrivals of vaccines are very good and the continued expansion of the program is good. So I am very thankful and confident.”

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