Another COVID-19 free day in Qld

Another day of good news for Queensland, with confirmation there have been no more cases of COVID-19 detected in the state in the last 24 hours.

“In further good news overnight … zero new cases,” Annastacia Palaszcuk told Parliament on Tuesday morning.

It leaves just five active cases across the state, including two on the Gold Coast.


Health Minister Steven Miles said it showed how well Queensland had worked to control the outbreak.

“It has been 139 days since COVID-19 reached Queensland. 139 days that Queenslanders have made sacrifices, changing their lives in ways they thought they’d have to,” Mr Miles told Parliament.

“It is thanks to ever single Queenslander’s dedication and hard work that we can now wind back restrictions, faster than we ever thought we could.

“Right now, Queensland is in a good position. We have seen consecutive days of zero new cases and we are well into the process of winding back restrictions and on track to commence Stage Three of our recovery road map.”

Despite the positive news, it appears the Premier’s stance on border closures will not be wavered, boldly declaring that Queenslanders don’t want to see them back open, despite the pleas from struggling Gold Coast tourism operators and small businesses.

“I have travelled across regional Queensland over the last two weeks and let me tell you they don’t want their families to get COVID and they don’t want to be sick and perhaps the leader of the opposition, rather than having to focus on her own leadership needs to get out and talk to Queenslanders,” The Premier told Parliament.

MORE DETAILS : ‘People do not want borders open’: Palaszczuk

Also in parliament, the Premier outlined a range of new stimulus measures designed to help boost the Queensland economy amid the coronavirus crisis.

It includes a fresh round of small business grants and an extension of the first home buyers scheme. There have also been significant funding announcements across the tourism, construction, arts, agriculture and resources sectors.

“Our nation leading health response means we are now well positioned for recovery,” the Premier said.

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It’s sad that the Premier is prepared to sacrifice thousands of mum and dad businesses purely to maximise her chances of re-election. Yes, there are more numbers in Victoria and NSW but that’s no excuse to not open up to travel between the rest of the states.

Keep the border close second wave and another full lock down we do not need. Sooner qld can join WA,SA and NT TAS. Just because tourist operators want to make a buck is not good reason to put lives in danger. QLD doing great job