Another COVID case linked to Brisbane Youth Detention Centre cluster

The number of COVID-19 cases linked to the outbreak at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre continues to grow with another positive test overnight.

It’s been confirmed the woman is a relative of one of the workers at the facility and they have been in quarantine since August 22nd.

It takes the number of COVID cases linked to the facility to 10. Five of those are employees and the other five are relatives or close contacts.


There are now 18 active cases across Queensland.

Queensland Health officials are now working with the woman to determine where she may have been before she went into quarantine.

“We’ll now work with her just to sort out her infectious period and whether that means we need to let people know of any other places that potentially are a risk,” Cheif Health Officer Doctor Jeanette Young said on Monday.

It follows a major public health alert involving more than 40 different sites across Logan, Brisbane and Ipswich which were visited by the other nine people who have recently tested positive to the virus.

Dr Young also confirmed that the area of Greater Brisbane was now being considered a ‘hot spot’ of the virus.

“I have essentially declared all of Brisbane and Ipswich a hot spot, a restricted area, whatever terminology you want to make,” Dr Young said.

“It’s not a declared hot spot. It’s a restricted area. An area where I have put restrictions in place in terms of hospitals, in terms of gatherings and in terms of getting people to be more alert and come forward and get tested.

“There’s no restrictions in travel at this point in time but, of course, the normal requirements remain. If people are sick, this is not the time to go travelling. Before anyone goes and leaves their home to move out of this area or to go anywhere, they should think, “Am I well? If I’m not 100% well, that is not the time to be travelling.”

Dr Young has said while wearing a mask will not made mandatory at this stage, anyone living in those areas is being urged to consider wearing one if they can.

“Everyone should consider, if they can’t maintain social distancing, that it’s time to use a mask,” Dr Young said.

“I’m not going to mandate it because I don’t believe we have broad spread community transmission, but certainly we’re in a risky period at this time.

“Masks are not totally fool-proof, they will not protect you totally. Whereas maintaining social distancing and washing your hands will protect the vast majority of people and the vast majority of situations.”

Queensland Health is still trying to figure out the original source of the outbreak and whether it may be linked to the two woman who lied about travelling to Melbourne last month and brought the virus back to the state.

“I hope to get that answer fairly soon,” Dr Young said.

Health Minister Steven Miles said it was important more people in the Greater Brisbane and Ipswich areas to come forward to get tested.

“We need to test more people,” Mr Miles said.

“6,834 tests in the last testing period is not enough for us to be assured that we are finding all of the cases that are out there.

“We know a lot of people got tested in the last cluster and they might think they don’t need to do it again but if they have any symptom at all I’d really urge them to come forward.

Please do get tested again, for your own sake, but also to help us assure ourselves that we are finding every case associated with this cluster.”