Another day, another crash on the M1

A SINGLE-VEHICLE crash has ground M1 traffic to a halt on the southern Gold Coast, one day after a multi-vehicle prang paralysed the motorway at Coomera.

It’s understood a vehicle rolled in the northbound lanes at Tugun on Sunday morning.

It happened between the John Flynn Hospital and Stewart Road shortly before 10am.


Thankfully, no one is believed to have been seriously injured in the crash.

Emergency services, including paramedics are on the scene.

The incident has blocked northbound lanes and triggered extensive delays around the border.

Traffic was stopped for at least five kilometres at the time of writing.

The line of cars stretched from the John Flynn Hospital, back to Tweed Heads at 10.30 am.

It comes after a multi-vehicle crash paralysed the M1 on the northern end of the Coast on Saturday.

Traffic was thrown into complete disarray for several hours after two utes towing trailers collided in the northbound lanes on the Coomera River bridge.