Another earthquake felt on the GC

UPDATE 3:15pm YET another aftershock has been recorded off Fraser Island this afternoon – this time measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale. It struck at a depth of 10km about 3.08pm, according to Geoscience Australia. Experts warn further aftershocks are possible.

UPDATE 2:51pm Geoscience Australia data shows an aftershock measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale hit the same area as today’s earlier strong 5.7 magnitude earthquake at 2:46pm.

UPDATE 2:48pm: This afternoon’s strong magnitude 5.7 earthquake which struck in the same spot as Thursday’s 5.2 quake is now the strongest to hit QLD in more than a century.


Today’s quake, which hit at a depth of just 10km around 110km east of Fraser Island, is the biggest to hit the state since 1918.

According to Geoscience Australia, six earthquakes/tremors have been recorded offshore of Fraser Island in the last three days, them being (in order of occurrence);

1) 5.3 M on July 30
2) 3.9 M on July 30
3) 3.4 M on July 30
4) 3.7 M on July 31
5) 2.8 M on Aug 1
6) 5.7 M on Aug 1

UPDATE 2:35pm: GeoScience Australia has just upgraded this afternoons earthquake offshore of Fraser Island to a strong magnitude 5.7. Its the sixth tremor to hit the same area in three days, including a magnitude 5.2 which shook high rise buildings on the Gold Coast on Thursday morning

The quake hit at 1:38pm
It has been confirmed that a moderate-to-strong 5.5 magnitude earthquake struck off Queensland’s East Coast today – it’s the second quake measuring greater than 5 on the Richter scale to hit the area in three days & follows a smaller magnitude 2.8 quake which hit this morning.

The tremor was felt right along the Coast from Hervey Bay in the north, to the Gold Coast in the south.

Residents have reported feeling a 15-second tremor which rattled windows & shook homes. It follows a 2.8 magnitude quake which struck offshore of Fraser Island at 11.18am this morning, and a 5.3 which struck in the same spot just two days ago.

A resident in Elanora said: “Yes elanora too whole house shook and dogs went crazy!”

In Labrador: “Yep labrador almost broke my glass cupboard in kitchen.”

While another commented: “1.39pm at Broadbeach…the whole house felt like jelly moving!”

After the earthquake hit, fears of a Tsunami were being voiced. However, The Bureau of Meteorology says there’s no threat of a tsunami to Australia following the earthquake that struck offshore of Fraser Island around 1.38pm this afternoon.


If you need assistance call State Emergency Service: 132 500