Another fundraising campaign started for Israel Folau

Israel Folau’s fundraising efforts are back on track, after his Go Fund Me page was pulled down from the site yesterday.

The Australian Christian Lobby has launched a new page, to raise funds to fight Rugby Australia’s decision to sack him.

It was revealed in a tweet by the group’s managing direction Martyn Iles overnight.


The Lobby has already donated $100,000 to the cause.

Donations have begun flooding in overnight, with more than 70,000 raised before 7.00am this morning.

It comes after his Go Fund Me campaign, which had raised over $750,000, was pulled from the site for breaching terms.

In a statement yesterday, the company’s regional manager in Australia Nicola Britton said all donors would be refunded.

“As a company, we are absolutely committed to the fight for equality for LGBTIQ+ people and fostering an environment of inclusivity. While we welcome GoFundMe’s engaging in diverse civil debate, we do not tolerate the promotion of discrimination or exclusion.

At the time of writing, the new campaign had raised $100,000.

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