Another juvenile charged over car thefts on the Gold Coast

A 16-year-old Brisbane boy has been arrested on the Gold Coast over a series of car thefts across the south east.

The teen came to the attention of police on Monday afternoon after he was allegedly spotted in a stolen BMW, taken from a home in Brisbane earlier in the day, at a building in Surfers Paradise.

When officers stopped the vehicle, the boy ran off but he was quickly detained by police.


The 16-year-old has since been charged with two counts of burglary, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and one count each of receiving stolen property and possession of dangerous drug namely methamphetamine.

He is due to appear in Southport Children’s Court tomorrow.

Police are now looking into whether the incident may be linked to another theft in Mermaid Waters on Saturday in which a Land Rover was stolen.

Overnight an 18-year-old, also from Brisbane, was charged with numerous offences following an incident with police that involved a stolen Jaguar which was also taken from that same Mermaid Waters home.

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Just yesterday, an 18-year-old and three other teens were arrested following a series of break and enters and car thefts on the Gold Coast.

It allegedly included a dramatic incident in Benowa on Saturday morning, in which thieves took off in the resident’s two luxury cars, despite desperate attempts from the owners to stop them.

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What a joke these young kids are they know they can get away with what they do so why should the police bother why Because they took an oath to serve and protect. Give power back to the police give them a good kick up the backside.This labour government is the biggest joke of all times, change the rules so they can do had labour to teach them right from wrong. Stop molly coddleing them.Carolyn

i could not agree more the magistrates have no power nor do the police maybe they should break into annastasias house might get some action then

Where I come from…we have always thought light sentences were just a system for our judges to provide employment for their out of of work or otherwise deadbeat lawyer buddies