Another nail in the coffin for domestic violence

THERE is fresh support for Australian of the Year and Domestic Violence campaigner Rosie Batty.

Hotel chain Mantra Group has announced a charitable partnership with Ms Batty, in support of The Luke Batty Foundation.

It comes after Rosie’s ex husband killed their son Luke at a cricket ground in February 2014.


Mantra agreed to help after Ms Batty spoke at their company conference in July, where her spotlight on family violence and messages of overcoming adversity resonated with the 250-strong team members.

Rosie launched the Foundation to build awareness of family violence with key focuses on the empowerment of women, voices for children and perpetrator response and accountability.

“Rosie has brought awareness to a social issue that can affect everyone. It is blind to suburb or social standing and it’s an issue that should receive greater profile and support, and Mantra Group is proud to help build awareness to this cause,” said Bob East, Mantra Group CEO.

The Never Alone campaign launched by the Foundation in July 2015 aims to build a groundswell of support for victims of family violence so that they are supported in the community and have a powerful voice in the corridors of power.

“We need corporate Australia to get behind social issues like family violence and I am really pleased to be working with Mantra Group,” said Rosie Batty.

“So many people suffer alone but together we can ensure that community awareness brings this issue to the fore so no one is afraid to speak up.”

Mantra Group’s 4,000 strong team members across its Australian hotel network will undertake fundraising activities throughout the year in their respective regions.

“We look forward to the new opportunities this will provide Team Members to support the cause, making a difference not only from the money that we raise but through volunteering and other hands-on opportunities in the future,” said Mr East.

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