Another one bites the dust: The Bachelorette Episode 8 recap

It’s been a massive week in Bachelorette land.

On the back of Wednesday night’s mass-exodus where 4 men left the mansion, Episode 8 opens with old-mate Osher handing out a single date card.

Matty snavels the date with Bachie-ette.


Georgia wants to find out if she can have more with Matty than just a ‘friendship’. Maybe there wasn’t time to discover more than their friendship when she totes tongue-danced with him after their croquet date.

The 2 head off on an old-school date in an old-school car to drive the theory home.

There’s puns a-plenty as they pull up to the Sea deck boat. “It’s got a huge deck” –Georgia says.

Did you say “deck?”

They sip on old-school whiskey sours and take old-school dance lessons. Georgia’s tipsy and giggles while Matty confesses he’s falling for her. They suck face for a bit and Bachie-ette gives Matty a rose.

“No peace I find, just this old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.”? #BacheloretteAU

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Group date time and the producers have teed up a discount with the local old-people’s home – plus it’s pension day so the olds are extra excited.

There’s 3 tests for the lads to prove their connection with Georgia.

The first is speed dating with the old farts.

Georgia asks the questions and the boys feed their answers down the mic to their designated old-fart who is sitting in front of Georgia.

Clancy gets a rogue old-man who thinks his questions are better than Clancy’s – and the sad part is, they are.

Clancy gets eliminated from the group date.

The second test is a hand written love letter.

The lads spill their feelings on paper, which are read aloud to Bachie-ette who sits awkwardly feigning interest.

Courtney’s letter was the lamest so he’s eliminated from the group date.

The third test is blindfolded dancing.

Each lad gets his chance to impress a blindfolded Georgia –with his dance moves.

Every woman in Australia wishes they were in Georgia’s shoes as Lee’s schnozz presses against Bachie-ettes ear and pelvic thrusts (in my dreams).

Cam picks her up, while creepy Jake basically feels her up.

Cam’s moves win him alone time with Georgia. He explains his past relationships have failed because he’s too quick and eager to impress. #Desperate

The cocktail party is pretty uneventful, apart from the beautiful Lee presenting Georgia with several cocktails inspired from his favourite places around the world.

We could potentially skip the Rose Ceremony because it’s pretty obvious who’s going home.

Matty’s safe from elimination. Lee plied her with alcohol so he’s staying.

Georgia has a thing for tall men so Cam and Courtney are safe. And Georgia’s pretty randy with all this kiss-and-no-play action so Jake’s safe too.

It’s strawberry-blonde Clancy – who has shaved his beard, jumped fully clothed into a pool, imitated a daddy-long legs on ice-skates and put up with everyone’s ranga jokes all season – who doesn’t make the cut.