The answer to sweet v savory and hot v cold is here: Gelato Panini!

Never mind about Doughnut Time leaving us, Gelato Panini is here!

Just when you were thinking ‘I’m never going to be able to indulge properly again’, My Gelato at The Oracle in Broadbeach saves the day with a Queensland-first dessert.

ENTER centre stage, Gelato Panini! A sweet warm bun filled with rich, creamy gelato, creating a Wonkeresque-style treat guaranteed to tantalise both the taste buds and the senses.


The Gelato Panini used to only be found in Italy (of course, Italians are the best at living), but when Italian owners of My Gelato got a taste of the goodness, they couldn’t help but bring it over for us Gold Coasters to enjoy as well!

My Gelato owner Davide Lo Giudice said it was a painstaking task to find the perfect ingredients to make his creation a reality.

“When I first set out to make the Gelato Panini, I had to find the perfect bun with the right consistency that wasn’t too sweet so it wouldn’t compete with the flavour of the gelato,” he said.

“The first bite is fantastic as you have the hot sensation of the warm panini bun, followed by the coolness of the gelato, and then you have the taste combination as the flavours of the sweet bun and the gelato mix together.”

So quit drooling all over your smart phone and get down to My Gelato in Broadbeach, or visit for more information on the mouthwatering dessert combo.