Anti-bikie laws could be scrapped by 2016

QUEENSLAND Premier Campbell Newman says he does not particularly like his own controversial anti-bikie laws and will have them reviewed within three years.

The premier says the sooner Queensland gets rid of the laws, the better – but for now, the state needs them.

“That’s the intention of the government, to have a three-year review and they go,” he said.


“Ultimately in less then three years time, these laws can disappear from statutory book in Queensland.”

“The sooner we can get rid of them the better, but it starts by seeing us getting rid of the gangs,” Mr Newman said. “All I want is a safe Queensland.”

“Some people are saying these laws are too much, but I’m saying they’re there for a reason.”

The new legislation rushed through parliament in October 2013 has officially declared a lengthy list of bikie clubs as criminal gangs and has introduced mandatory jail sentences and increased penalties for both club members and associates.

In a 4BC radio interview on Monday, Mr Newman revealed he too never liked his own anti-bikie laws, though was left with no choice but to taken the necessary actions.

“I don’t particularly like them. I don’t particularly like having to do this,” Mr Newman told 4BC radio.

“I’m the guy in 2012, when asked should Queensland follow the lead of NSW and ban bikies from wearing colours, I said no.

“What changed is a woman being shot in Robina while going about her innocent business on a week.

“What changed for me was seeing the signs of a riot on the Gold Coast on a Friday night.

“What changed for me was recalling what happened in Sydney airport where they hunted a guy down to kill him, in the airport in broad daylight.

“That’s what we’re dealing with.”