Anti circus protestors denied their chance to vote

GOLD COAST Councillors and protestors against circuses with exotic animals have been denied a chance to have their voices heard.

Animal Liberation Queensland gathered outside Council Chambers at Evandale yesterday ahead of an expected vote on the issue.

Councillors hoped to push for a vote to reinstate the 2009 ban on exotic animals in circuses but Mayor Tom Tate didn’t include the item on the agenda of Tuesday’s meeting.


Gold Coast City Council banned the use of public land by circuses with exotic animals in 2009 after then-mayor Ron Clarke received a letter from Animal Liberation Queensland outlining concerns. The ban was later overturned in 2013.

Animal Liberation Qld spokesman Chay Neal says it’s disappointing.

“The reinstatement of the ban on exotic animal circuses on the Gold Coast would have shown the world that the Gold Coast City Council is determined to set benchmarks for the care of animals, with circus acts featuring performing animals such as lions and monkeys relegated to the pages of history where they belong,” said Mr Neal.

“The Gold Coast City Council Mayor claims to care about animals, yet has blocked moves supported by a majority of the council to prevent animal suffering on Gold Coast City Council land,” he added.

“The public had voiced its concern loudly. Thousands of Queenslanders have voiced their opposition to animal circuses to the council through petitions, emails, letters as well as a demonstration outside council chambers today. Society has moved on from the previous passive acceptance of the use of exotic animals in circuses. The community no longer sees exotic animal circuses as an acceptable or appropriate form of entertainment.  It was definitely time today for the Gold Coast City Council to democratically represent this view.”

It’s understood protestors will now have to form a committee and deliver a report on the issue.