Anti circus protestors march on City of Gold Coast

A protest opposing Circuses that use exotic animals, will be held outside City of Gold Coast at midday on Tuesday.

Members of Coast to Coast Animal Friends will gather in Evandale to support Councillors willing to back the re-introduction of an earlier ban that was scrapped.

Jeanette Peterson from the group said the gathering would be peaceful.  She said “it’s really just about showing that the Gold Coast don’t support the use of exotic animals in circuses”.


“It’s not about being aggressive or being violent, it’s purely about showing peacefully that we’re supporting Councillors who support our views” she said.

Ms Peterson said they will also protest outside the Stardust Circus tent at Mitchell Park in Southport on March 23, depending on today’s result.

She claimed that Stardust Circus has not addressed their issues.  Ms Peterson claimed the group has told the Circus they are not against Circuses, just those that use exotic animals (pictured courtesy of  But she said that message had not been well received.

Ms Peterson said she just does not support the keeping of wild animals in captivity, saying those in zoos at least have more room to move around in.

Stardust is currently entertaining Gold Coast crowds at Mitchell Park in Southport and responded saying that Coast to Coast Animal Friends is full of radicals who are extremely mis-informed.

The representative said they run a law abiding business and have the correct permits.  He also said Coast to Coast Animal Friends had refused offers by Lennon Brothers to see how the animals are treated.

The spokesperson said they were frequently inspected by groups including the RSPCA, and that their animals are in exercise yards for up to 16 hours a day, where they have plenty of room to move around.