Anti-gay county clerk released in US

A Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples will be released from jail in the US.

Kim Davis is been held on a contempt of court charge but the contempt order has since been lifted.

However, US District Judge David Bunning also ordered Davis not to interfere with the issuing of gay marriage licences.


Bunning sent Davis to jail on Thursday after she refused to comply with his order that she issue licences, citing her anti-gay religious beliefs.

He had previously said Davis could be released from jail as soon as she agreed to issue marriage licences to anyone who qualifies, as her position requires, or resigned from that position.

She had refused to grant licences to any couples, gay or straight, since shortly after the US Supreme Court effectively legalised gay marriage.

It was not yet clear whether Davis would continue to insist her deputies could not issue certificates on her behalf.