Anti-vaxxers sink to yet another low

Here’s my problem with anti-vaxxers: You don’t come across as very nice people.

This is a very broad, blanket statement and it’s sure to rile some of you right up. But I’m not saying it to be rude – I’m saying it because I reckon you have a really bad image problem, and if you adjust the way you present yourselves to the world, then maybe people would start taking you more seriously?

Generally speaking, I take my health and wellness advice from qualified professional medical practitioners – they’re all funded and corrupted by Big Pharma, I know! – but I’m willing to consider what others have to say if they’re making a compelling case.


But the anti-vaccination brigade? You don’t make a compelling case.

Instead you appear to enjoy threatening, judging and shaming others who don’t have the same beliefs as you. Just ask Peter Tiernan, a 51-year-old physiotherapist who works in Byron.

A bunch of anti-vaxxers who have all together too much time on their hands – how else do you explain their dogged obsession with their cause? – have ‘outed’ him as being a staunchly pro-vax doctor who uses the pseudonym Reasonable Hank.

The only problem is that Peter is not Reasonable Hank. They’ve ‘outed’ the wrong guy – and he’s copping a tonne of abuse, including people tracking where he lives and works, in what he calls a “monumental case of mistaken identity”.

The real Reasonable Hank has come forward, anonymously, to confirm that they’ve got the wrong guy, but says he can’t step forward publicly because “the threats have escalated over the years”.

“One has said: ‘I’m going to come and kill your whole family’. Another said he was going to strangle me and others have said: ‘Guess what, we know where you live’,” he says.

A quick browse of their Facebook page confirms that some people on the page have a real attitude problem. They don’t seem like caring, compassionate people who have children’s’ health top of mind. They seem like crazed zealots who make comments like:

“After further investigating I am not even sure I am convinced baby Riley and Dana Mccaffery were even real babies, as it seems that everything they have done is staged and fabricated to suite their agenda.”

I’ll give you a moment to let that deeply offensive comment sink in…

As I said, my problem with anti-vaxxers is that you’re just not very nice.

Why do these people think they have any right whatsoever to publicly question the tragic deaths of two precious babies?

It’s disgusting, and heartless, and cruel – and it’s why nobody will ever take anti-vaxxers seriously.