Antimasker ‘smashed’ policewoman’s head into concrete during violent confrontation

A police officer is recovering from a violent assault in Melbourne’s east, after her head was bashed into concrete several times during a confrontation with an anti-masker.

Victorian police reported the horrific instance at this morning’s press conference, where a further 439 infections were announced, along with another 11 deaths.

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The 26-year-old was on patrol with a partner at a shopping centre in Frankston, when they approached a 38-year-old woman who wasn’t wearing a mask.

After asking the woman why she wasn’t following the state’s directive, a ‘scuffle’ then unfolded.

The anti-masker then ‘smashed the head of the policewoman several times into a concrete area on the ground’, according to Deputy Police Commissioner Shane Patton.

The Deputy Commissioner used the incident to articulate just how difficult it has been for police to enforce the mandatory mask wearing rule across the state.

“That behaviour is just totally unacceptable. That’s someone who thinks they’re above the law. They’re not wearing a mask. 

“They’re approached and asked the reason why not and then to react like that is just completely over the top. It’s this type of irresponsible behaviour that we’re going to address.

“That woman was taken back to the police station, charged with significant offences and bailed due to no criminal history.

“It shows how things can escalate from non-adherence. The message is clear from me and it’s simple. We want you to stay at home.

“We want you to stay at home. We expect to at here to the Chief Health Officer guidelines. If you don’t, we will enforce those.

“We will issue infringements. We will arrest you. We will detain you where we have to,” the Deputy Commissioner said.

Police will now have the power to issue on-the-spot fines of up to $5,000, the largest on-the-spot fines in the state’s history.

Related article: Unprecedented fines for Victorians after 439 new cases, 11 deaths

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Bail REALLY!!!

I hope you can charge her to the full extent and the courts give maximum penalty
This is inexcusable behaviour

Hope the police officer is going to be okay 😊❤️

Anyone caught without a mask in public should be forced into hotel quarantine at their own expense.

Please jail her what is this world coming to for goodness sake she is a woman for goodness sake
People like this woman has been watching to much television with what’s going on in the states USA PLEASE JAIL HER

I am sorry we have let the public in Victoria get away with too much. They are just dragging the country down. Most cases in other states seem to originate from Victoria

Makes you wonder what you have to do to be locked up, like the rabid dog that she is??

Jail the b****

I’d like to see her get charged with attempted murder

“That woman was taken back to the police station, charged with significant offences and bailed due to no criminal history.

“No criminal history” doesn’t mean she’s not a criminal it just means this was the first time she’s been caught out so, this to me shows just how weak our justice system really is…..imo she should have been locked up until her court date and then had the book thrown at her.

It means she’s never been convicted of anything.. she could have been caught, charged and most likely let off by the courts several times

This is the worst journalism I’ve ever read. Pretty much. Or this is straight up propaganda.
You kind of missed ALL OF THE DETAILS that would validate that this actually happened.
Who was the lady? What shopping centre did it happen at? When is her court dates? What are the charges? Why does this sound TOTALLY FICTIONAL????!!!????

This b**** has no regard for the community.They should JAIL HER FOR AT LEAST 5 YEARS.But SADLY, the totally spineless judiciary,WILL AS NORMAL, HAVE AN EMPTY SCROTUM!!!!

Why bail ???….why is this not GBH