Antoine’s excellent adventure

AS I write this Prime Minister Tony Abbott is in Americaca (SPELLING DELIBERATE) trying to live down the embarrassing gaffe where he called Canada Canadia and then accidently shot the Canadian PM with an AK47.


What? He didn’t shoot anyone? Are you sure?


The mainstream and social media is going bananas over something and I just assumed, given the intensity of the coverage, that it was something huge.

I mean, you wouldn’t run a prime time television news story because the Prime Minister mispronounced a word before quickly pronouncing it correctly, would you?

Those are some harsh standards we are setting.

Standards I would surely fail as I often can’t even pronounce my own name correctly.

Mind you, the PM has form and after his devastating international take down by John Oliver a few weeks back, I guess everyone is looking for him to slip up again.

And he doesn’t help himself, using le crap French to talk to a group of school children in France earlier on his international odyssey.

Introducing himself as ‘Antoine Abbott the Premier of Australie’, he then gave that weird and creepy ‘hagh hagh hagh’ laugh of his.

I’m not sure what else he said to them but they looked horrified and their parents quickly took them away.

I think it is no surprise then that Twitter’s share price has risen while Antoine has been abroad.

The social media twits and facers are enjoying his trip almost as much has he is.

But I have a feeling Antoine is not that unhappy by the media coverage he is getting as he bumbles his way across continents.

Every story about one of his gaffes is a story not about the horror budget he left behind.

Well played Antoine, well played.

Mind you, it will still be here when he gets back. Bwahahaha.

As I mentioned earlier Antoine is in New York as I write this, ringing the New York Stock Exchange’s bell while standing in front of a huge banner that says ‘Australia – Open for Business’.

All he needs is a table with some glasses and a jug of lemonade.