ANZ Championship: Round 2 preview

Fever's Nat Medhurst. Picture: Peter Wallis

Source: Peter Wallis / News Corp Australia


WE saw last week that’s there’s a little bit of unpredictability about this season with some pretty big upsets. To have Fever go to Brisbane in their first game and win their first game away from home in two years against last year’s grand finalists is a huge deal. And seeing Magic who everyone thought without Casey Kopua would struggle but they turned up in Adelaide, which is historically a really hard place to win in. It showed us that it’s going to be a pretty interesting competition this year.

Netball champion Liz Ellis. Picture: Richard Walker

Source: News Limited


ASB Stadium, Tauranga — Monday 7.40pm (Local time)

This one is going to be a huge ask for the Swifts. The Magic do tend to play well at home. The Swifts won away last week in New Zealand, so they know how to do it and they showed they can hang on…

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