App tells you if you’ll like new beer or wine before you even try it

A NEW app called ‘Next Glass’ has launched offering drinkers a personalised matchmaking score for any beer or wine to let them know if it will suit their taste buds.

One of the downsides of being adventurous with alcohol is that occasionally you’ll pick a bottle of wine that’s far too dry, or order an undrinkable beer that tastes of feet.

‘Next Glass’ aims to put a stop to that, while still enabling drinkers to enjoy trying out new brands. Users start by finding the drinks they like through the app and rating them out of 4 stars. This helps the app build up a taste profile of each user.


Behind the scenes, Next Glass has analyzed the ingredients for a wide range of microbrewery and vineyard products, as well as taste-tested them to determine what qualities they have.

When users scan a new bottle, the details are compared to their taste profile and a percentage score indicates how good of a match it is. If it’s in the 90s, you know that you’re probably going to enjoy it.