Apple announces sold out models as diehard fans wait days outside stores

As the up to 30 hour wait for some diehard Apple fans is about to pay off – many customers will be left disappointed with some models already sold out.

Apple announced yesterday that both iPhone 7 Plus and the Jet Black iPhone 7 models are both completely out of stock, with wait times extended to November.

The tech giant has also reported that the iPhone 7 Plus is now sold out worldwide, leaving those who have camped out since Wednesday sour.


One particular customer outside Sydney’s George Street store, 16-year-old Marcus Barsoum, secured the front of the line spot with his eye on a brand new Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus.

Joined by friends, Mr Barsoum set up camp chairs and a tent on Wednesday morning, a whole 48 hours before the official launch. They all took turns to leave and attend exams.

At one stage the teenager was offered $2500 to give up his spot in the line, which he turned down.

But it’s not all bad news for the relentless fanatics, as Apple has assured customers the iPhone 7 will still be available in Apple Stores in silver, gold, rose gold and black.

Boasting impressive new camera technology, both new iPhone models have a number of improvements including better battery life, dual speakers, a brighter screen and faster A10 processor.

Both models will also feature wireless headphones via a Lightnigh port, available for an additional $229 from later in the year. With a temporary port for older headphones in each pack for the interim.

For Apple staff, it was nothing out of the normal with last year’s September launch of the iPhone 6s drawing hundreds of hopefuls despite miserable weather.

Doors at Apple stores across the country opened at 8am this morning.