Apple iPhone 6 features leaked online

iphone 6 two sizes

Australian tech blogger Sonny Dickson posted what he claims are iPhone 6 models to his Twitter account in June.

WITH the iPhone 6 expected to be launched in two months, internet rumours are rife as to what features the new device will have.

Apple has yet to confirm any details about the new phone, however here is a list of features technology fanatics have revealed on social media.


Two Sizes – There will be a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch model.
Bigger screen – The screen will go to the edge of the device.
Curved Edges – It will have a rounder design, with curved edges.
Thinner body – The body will be similar to the iPod touch and be thinner than the current iPhone 5S.
Lighter – It will be lighter because it is thinner.
Sleek and Glossy – The screen and body will have a glossy finish.
Scratch resistant screen – It’s believed the screen will be made of sapphire glass, which is more scratch resistant than the material used on older devices.
Better camera – The camera will have more megapixels and better technology to help users take clearer photos when moving.
• Front camera placement – The front-facing camera will be on the left-side of the ear speaker, not above the earpiece as it is on the iPhone 5.
• Release Date – Apple’s new iPhone is expected to be launched in September.

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