Apple is making some big changes to the iPhone and it’s going to cause havoc

APPLE is about to cause major controversy, much like it did back when it changed the shape of its iPhone charger in 2012.

In an attempt to make the iPhone thinner than ever, Apple is reportedly planing to make a few changes to the bottom of the smartphone.

These changes however, are not going to be taken graciously by iPhone users globally.


The change means that the standard 3.5mm headphone port will be no longer.

According to TechRadar, Apple has come up with a new technology for connecting headphones which could mean that your old ones will no longer work with the iPhone and anyone planning to use headphones other than Apple’s EarPods would likely require an adapter.

Called a ‘D jack’ the new port has a tiny diameter of just 2mm.

It is not yet known whether Apple will include its new D Jack port, however most bets are on the iPhone 7.