Apple unveils new features, including edit and unsend buttons

Have you ever sent a text message and instantly regretted it? You’re in luck!

Apple has unveiled a bunch of new iPhone features, including the ability to ‘undo send’ an iMessage.

Details on the upcoming iOS 16 have been announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this morning, with the tech company outlining some of its most eagerly anticipated features.


Along with the ability to completely unsend a text message, users will also be able to ‘edit’ a message that’s already been sent – meaning any typos or unwanted words can be changed.

The message will be changed on your phone, and on the recipients.

These features will only work on iMessage, meaning only iPhone to iPhone, and will not work if sending a message to Android or other brand devices.

But you have to be quick, changes to the message can only be made within 15 minutes of sending it.

If you’re guilty of opening a message and forgetting to reply, there will also be a feature where you can put a message on hold so you remember to respond to it later.

Other features announced for the iPhone include the ability to customise the lock screen with different choices of font for the time, more advanced photo options as well as the choice to add widgets.

The new iOS 16 is expected to be available later in the year.