Ardent Leisure says Dreamworld precinct “prime real estate”

Ardent Leisure, the owner of Dreamworld, has revealed that they are considering selling some of their prime real estate to cover losses the company has suffered following last October’s Thunder River Rapids Ride tragedy.

The company owns a large parcel of land surrounding the Coomera theme park which it holds for future expansion of its attractions.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Ardent said that they have appointed a town planner to examine the feasibility of rezoning parts of the precinct for potential development opportunities.


“Dreamworld is located on prime real estate adjacent to the new Coomera town centre and core infrastructure,” the statement reads.

“Ardent has, and will continue to, engage with third-party developers to discuss potential development opportunities and timing for any redevelopment within the precinct.”

The company confirmed that they would continue to ensure Dreamworld was their priority.

“Notwithstanding the review of the master plan, Ardent will continue to invest in Dreamworld to facilitate its recovery and ensure it remains one of the Gold Coast’s key tourist attractions”.