Are Australians really that laid back?

AUSTRALIANS are said to be friendly, relaxed and easy going but this really depends on what part of Australia they are from.

The coastal townships (like the Gold Coast) are perceived to be more laid back than the cities (which is to be expected).

I have found that some of the Gold Coasters are anything but (particularly when it comes to commuting).


Maybe a growing population has changed this attitude.

I think ‘laid back and friendly’ is more of a façade than our actual behaviour but we like the image and is a good trait to be famous for.

I find it amazing though, how quickly this ‘friendliness’ changes to an instant dislike of someone without much effort.

In Crocodile Dundee 3, Mick Dundee (aka Paul Hogan) described Los Angeles drivers “as warm and friendly until they get into their cars”.

The same can be said for Gold Coast drivers. It must be our egotistical clone that drives our vehicles. We get into our vehicle, and  suddenly, some person cuts us off, tail gates (all examples of inconsiderate behaviour and poor driving ability) and we become this maniac, we grow horns and are out for revenge.

No longer a case of ‘no worries, mate’!

I am not defending stupidity but aggression seems to be more common.

I was on the Brisbane bound Gold Coast train recently in the quiet carriage and was having a civilised and considerate conversation with someone, and the lady behind us reminded us that it was a quiet carriage.

I thanked her for reminding us of this fact (it felt so good to be treated like a child, I mean adult).

She then mumbled to herself about how loud we were and suggested we sit somewhere else.

I believe you are still allowed to talk (and breath) in these carriages. I always observe train etiquette and expect others to do the same but at the end of the day, who is it really hurting? Right or wrong, are we that uptight that a bit of noise upsets us?

Maybe we are just whingers instead of being friendly and laid back.

I have lived in and travelled to different parts of the world and I can honestly say that Australian’s are not at the top of my list of being laid back.

I expected more from the Coast but gives us something to strive for!

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