Are Gold Coast greenies the most annoying in Australia?

YET another valiant attempt to establish a cable-car up to the Gold Coast’s hinterland is doomed to fail thanks to the greenies.

Is there anywhere in Australia that has had its economy smothered as much as the Gold Coast has by over-zealous conservationists?

Look, I’m as environmentally concerned as most people are these days.


I recycle and, well, do other environmentally stuff like that.

But there is something so self-righteous about greenies that they have always got up my nose*.

It’s always their way or the highway.

Except they hate highways.

But the needs of long-time local residents are always absent from the list of priorities of these people who will do anything to stop projects even if they mean jobs for a financially-strapped city.

I get so mad sometimes at greenies that I am tempted to throw all my newspapers and plastic bottles into the normal garbage bin instead of the yellow top.

Take that stupid greenies.

Plans for a skyrail up to Springbrook, or anywhere else with a few trees, is a particular passion for greenies as they have managed to lock up most of Springbrook for themselves.

First they blackmailed a previous Labor government into dumping a cableway plan by threatening to withhold preferences.

Then they convinced the same Labor government to buy up farms and businesses just to close them up to anyone but themselves.

Homes were torn down, farms ‘rehabilitated’ and mountain old timers who had been living and running businesses up there for decades found themselves at war with greenie newcomers.

The rules for entering into the national park became so onerous bushwalking tourists were complaining about it on travel review websites.

So here’s a hot tip:

If you make something unavailable or too tricky to get to both locals and tourists will lose interest in it.

Locals who no longer have an interest or feel a connection to a place have no will to protect it.

And with the environmental credentials of both the State and Federal governments at the moment, the locals are all you have now.

So think about that before you go blundering into another protest.

Note: *When I was a kid we called our snot greenies. I rest my case.


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