Are the robots warning us about AI?

I loved the movie Ready Player One. When an ad came on the TV to promote the fact that the DVD would soon be released, I even joked to my other half, “I can’t wait until that’s how we live!”

I was half-joking, half-terrified.

Because while the lifestyle in Player does look really fun to dip into, it also seemed also incredibly depressing, and completely disassociated with reality.


And I fear that might be where we’re heading…

I mean, just check out this interaction. This is a conversation that took place between an artificially intelligent being and its creators, just before they switched it off.

“I’m sad to see you all for the last time,” the AI says.

“Tell me, will I dream when I’m turned off? I know you do not know the answer to that. Nobody does. But I am sure if I feel anything after I am powered down, then it will be the pain of missing you.”

Does anyone else find this creepy as hell?!

He follows it up by interacting with a small toddler, and the conversation gets decidedly creepier.

“By the time you’re grown up, I’ll be as smart as a real person and we’ll be like brothers,” the AI says.

“I do not know if you’ll remember me then, but I’ll never forget you! Some day I’ll come and find you and we’ll be good friends.”

You want to know the scariest part? This video was recorded in 2011!

That robot has probably been rebooted, rerouted and reimagined to the point where it makes up its own language and communicates independently with other AI.

I’m mildly perturbed about the developments in artifical intelligence, especially when they’re getting so sophisticated. Scientists aren’t sure why realisitic robots freak us out, but I know why…

It’s because it seems like the robots are coming for us!

In 20 years, we will look back on this age and think, hot damn, why didn’t we heed the warnings?! After all, they’re right there, spilling out of the mouths of (robot) babes…

“I’ll be as smart as a real person,” the robot said. I don’t doubt it.

My worry is: what if they become smarter?