Are we being worked to death?

REMEMBER those old movies set in the future that predicted the most ridiculous scenarios?

You know, the ones your lame friend (everyone has one) is referring to when they guffaw ‘where’s my jetpack’ for the 100th time?

Oh, and by the way, there are jetpacks you morons, if you want one go and buy it.


Well, not all of those predictions look so ridiculous now the Abbott Government is talking about the hard decisions that have to be made to deal with the ageing population.

Logan’s Run, for instance, a movie about a society where population and the consumption of resources are managed by knocking off everyone who reaches a certain age.

He may not have a vaporisation chamber in mind but increasing the age of retirement to 70, as floated by Treasurer Joe Hockey, may just do the job.

Maintain the stress of work, commuting and unfriendly work places for a few extra years and, voila, more people will cark it before they can suck up taxes in pensions.

Problem solved.

Radio talkback and news website comments have been divided about the issue over the past few days.

There are those who happily embrace working late into life, talking of their joy at getting a job at Bunnings or Woolies when they thought no one else would take them on.

Then there were those who were frightened about the physical reality of working as their bodies pass the ‘no going back’ stage of life.

You know, when things that once stopped hurting after a few days, just keep on hurting, forever.

Tradies and those who have physically taxing jobs are going to find it particularly difficult to keep going past 60.

But even chair warmers like me will probably find their arthritic fingers starting to give out after decades of pounding a keyboard.

Equally cruel is the assumption older workers who once had high powered, high paying jobs but are now discriminated against – as so many are – should be happy with low paying service jobs.

By the way, Mr Hockey will retire with a pension of at least $270,000 a year.

I know who I’d like to put in the vaporisation chamber.


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