Are we Stuckey in the Sydney bubble?

USUALLY we feel a little angry at the money spent on expensive tourism campaigns that ignore the Gold Coast in a futile attempt to promote other less excellent parts of Queensland.

But the latest marketing campaign is all Brisbane’s.

Yep, we don’t want anything to do with it.


Currumbin MP and Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey is under fire for a ridiculous campaign that doesn’t mention Queensland at all but makes Sydney look like a damn, fine place to visit.

Designed by Sydney-based Pedestrian.TV, a series of videos have been released on their website for what is supposedly a Give Me Brisbane Any Day campaign.

They consist of a cool dude with microphone stopping other cool dudes in Bondi, Manly, Surry Hills and Newtown to ask them what they love about where they live.

What’s the best bakery in Surry Hills?

What is the best beach in Sydney?

How many gears are on your bike? Huh?

And, my favourite: Would you ever leave Surry Hills?

Answer: Not any time soon.

Umm, not the answer we were after.

The very happy looking hipsters go into great detail about why their local areas are so fabulous and at no point is anything about Queensland mentioned.

If you click on a banner which asks ‘Are you stuck in the Sydney bubble?’ you are taken to the Facebook page of Pedestrian.TV where I also couldn’t find anything about Queensland.

I did however find a post from Pedestrian.TV criticising Ms Stuckey’s mate Prime Minister Tony Abbott over the repeal of the climate change legislation with the comment “I’m not saying everything’s f..ked, but … Everything’s pretty f..ked.”

Eventually I found the link ‘Produced in association with our mates at Tourism and Events Queensland.’

This led me to a Visit Brisbane website which mocks Sydney-siders for putting up with three-month waiting lists for their favourite restaurant.

“So if you’ve ever said “I really need a decaf latte on almond milk and a punnet of goji berries, stat”, there’s a good chance you’re deep in the Sydney bubble,’ sneers the blurb.

“But it’s ok. All you need is a weekend escape to a place overflowing with adventure and new discoveries – a place called Brisbane.”

So basically, it is suggesting Sydney-siders are all wankers.

Yep, Brisbane can have this one all to itself.

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