Arena uses ARIAs to make statement about women in music

Tina Arena was inducted into the ARIAs Hall of Fame on Thursday night, celebrating an incredible 40 years in the music industry. Arena’s stunning performance stole the show and she used her fierce speech to make a statement about women in the music industry.

“I want to still acknowledge that ladies over 40 are still in the game,” she said, name checking Kylie Madonna, J. Lo and Annie Lennox. “Keep doing what you’re doing, ladies, because we will decide when it’s time for us to stop. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just trying to make the most of it.”

In a wide ranging speech, Arena implored commercial radio to “continue to support Australian music on the quality of the song and not the age of artist” and “don’t meet your Australian quotas because you have to. Exceed them because you want to.”


Arena thanked her former home of France but saved her last thanks for Australia.

“Thank you for not making me a celebrity but thank you for celebrating my work because that is where I am most comfortable,” she said.

And finally she thanked the most loyal people of her career, the fans. “When I take a leap Australia, you manage to catch me,” she said.

Arena’s speech, which did last for several minutes, had everyone in the room on their feet.

Everyone stayed on their feet as Arena’s life flashed before her eyes on the big screen in a This Is Your Life style package encompassing her career from Young Talent Time to her conquering of Paris and the rest of the world.

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