Young girl ran away from home after family argument

A SIMPLE argument is said to be the reason why young Sydney schoolgirl Michelle Levy ran away from home on Saturday.

The 11-year-old was found yesterday in a man’s home in Randwick after going missing over the weekend.

The man is believed to have found her at Bondi Junction on Saturday night and looked after the runaway at his flat before she was reunited with her parents on Monday morning.


The man, who is not known to the family was questioned by police but has been released and no charges have been laid.

The 11-year-old stormed out of her home about 6.30pm on Saturday following an argument with her family, sparking an extensive search.

Her father said it was not the first time Michelle had stormed out but usually she only went as far as the corner or in some cases, to her grandparents nearby.

There’s reports the family will undergo counselling when everything has cooled down.