Armadillo Flip baby strollers recalled over fears infants may fall out

A popular baby stroller model is being recalled over fears infants may fall out.

In a recall notice posted on the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission website, children’s retailer and manufacturer Mamas & Papas said they were recalling the Armadillo Flip and Flip XT strollers over safety fears.

“Under certain conditions, when in the parent facing position, a latch may slip and cause the seatback to tip backwards,” the notice reads.


“If the safety harness is not used or is incorrectly used, there is the potential for the infant to fall out of the stroller and be injured.”

The stroller models being recalled are: Flip (225426100) and Flip XT (225920700).



They were sold nationally online between 1 August 201430 April 2016.

Parents who have purchased the recalled strollers have been warned to not use it on rough terrain in the parent-facing position and to always ensure the infant is securely strapped in using the safety harness.



Mamas and Papas said they will be contacting owners of the strollers by letter or telephone to arrange a repair.