Aussie biscuit-geniuses have LIFTED the confectionery game

Arnott’s has launched a range of biscuit chocolate-y products and even though one of them is ‘Jatz’ flavoured, we’re cheering.

Australia’s favourite classic biscuits have been re-imagined by the brilliant biscuit-eers, with five classic flavours taking on more of a chocolate block/bar role.

So yeah – they’re chocolate blocks, but biscuit flavoured! Is this the best of both worlds, or what?!


These bad boys will actually hit the shelves next week, so if you can save a few dollars over the Easter long weekend, you can stock up from Tuesday.

The five flavours (drum roll) are Iced Vovo, Scotch Finger, Wagon Wheel, Ginger Nut and Jatz.

While we’re a bit hesitant over the Jatz flavour… we’re so ready.

Arnott's Chocolate Blocks

PHOTOS: Supplied by Arnott’s

Arnott's Chocolate Bars

PHOTOS: Supplied by Arnott’s

Just to give you an idea of how totally amazing this is, Arnott’s are calling it their ‘biggest product launch in the brand’s history’.

Their media release was also appropriately titled: ‘Project Awesome’.

So get, ready.