Arundel snowboarder perishes in Snowy Mountains

A GOLD Coast snowboarder has been remembered as ‘everybody’s light’ following his tragic death on the ski fields of New South Wales Snowy Mountains.

Gerard Berger, 25, was two weeks into a three month working holiday at Perisher Resort when he disappeared on Wednesday night. reports, the Arundel local had been snowboarding with a group of friends when he fell back in the pack and wasn’t found until hours later.


His brother Rudi said Gerard was an experienced snowboarder who was familiar with the trail that claimed his life, but it’s thought he may have come into trouble when he reached the creek.

“By the time he must have realised the creek was there, apparently it’s very deep, he may have tried to stop himself from going in but it was too late,’’ Rudi said.

“He’s basically hit the other side of the bank possibly and fell backwards into the creek and because he’s got heavy clothing and the snowboard strapped to his feet he must have just drowned or hit his head on a rock and passed out.”

The snowboarders who were with Gerard tried to find him but assumed he had returned to his room. The alarm was raised later that night after he failed to show for work.

“He was everybody’s light. He left a bit of joy in every single person he ever met. Everybody he’s ever met would never forget him,” Rudi said.

A post mortem will be conducted.