ASF continue to push for cruise ship terminal

ASF Consortium say they’re continuing to push for a Gold Coast cruise ship terminal and integrated resort development.

They’re hoping they can address the issues brought forward by the Queensland Government and local community, following the State’s objection to the project being developed at The Spit and Doug Jennings Park.

“Our team remains engaged and focused as we continue to work up our Project for an iconic Gold Coast integrated development that responds to the Queensland Government, City of Gold Coast and community’s requirements,” said Allan Fife, Project director for ASF Consortium.


“As the next phase of the Project begins, we will continue to engage extensively to ensure there is a good understanding across the community about the Project and the tremendous benefits and jobs it can bring to the Gold Coast,” he added.

ASF will be looking to go back to the drawing board, as they work to determine the design in the revised area, likely Wavebreak Island.

“Over the past few months, we’ve also commissioned a range of studies to identify gaps in available technical and environmental information to ensure we have detailed and current information needed to commence the next stage of project assessment and approvals,” said Mr Fife.

It’s understood this will include modeling of tidal flows to show reduced risk of flooding, traffic modeling, ferry logistics and marine modeling.

“It’s a long road ahead with a significant upfront commitment from ASF. We remain committed and focused to thoroughly address both community feedback and government conditions as we move into the next phase of the integrated resort application process,” he said.