AstraZeneca jab now available for over 50s

The new phase of Australia’s vaccine rollout begins today, with people aged 50 years and over now able to access the AstraZeneca vaccine.

From Monday, anyone in that age group can receive the COVID-19 vaccine at general practice respiratory clinics and state and territory vaccination clinics.

The program will then be extended to GP’s on May 17.


The fast-tracked phase 2A is designed to try and get the country’s vaccine rollout back on track, after being plagued by a series of issues.

Up to 15.8 million doses are available for this part of the rollout, which also includes catching up on anyone else who may have missed out in previous phases.

Around 2.1 million doses had already been administered by the end of April.

You can find out if you’re eligible and how to book an appointment at

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