Six feared dead after huge tornado tears through Dallas, Texas

Dallas Tornado - Fox 4 News Twitter

View from across the harbour in Rockwall County of the large tornado as it swept through Dallas PHOTO:

Six people are feared dead and many others are injured after a violent tornado swept through Dallas in North Texas on Boxing Day.

The large twister touched down in the suburb of DeSoto, just south of downtown Dallas, just after 6pm Saturday local time and barrelled towards the north at around 40mph (64km/h).


Significant damage has been reported in and around the north-eastern Dallas suburb of Garland, with images being uploaded to social media showing total destruction in some areas.

According to Fox 4 News, dozens of suburban homes have also been levelled in the seaside suburb of Rowlett, near Garland.


Scenes of total devastation in Dallas’ north-eastern suburb of Garland in North Texas PHOTO:

Rowlett, near Garland, north-east of Dallas PHOTO:

Significant damage in Garland’s neighbouring suburb of Rowlett, north-east of Dallas PHOTO:

Damage has also been reported in the southern Dallas suburb of DeSoto and in Ellis County, further south of Dallas.

Early reports suggest at least six people have been killed in Garland, with grave fears held for several others.

Authorities say the full extent of the damage will not be realised until the sun rises on Sunday morning.

It comes after 14 people were killed after upwards of 20 tornadoes swept through America’s south on Christmas Eve.