At What Age Can You Get a Tattoo?

When it comes to getting a tattoo, you need to know where you stand legally in your corner of the globe. Over 18 is the general answer to ‘What age can you get a tattoo?’ but laws differ in each state in Australia and differ again internationally.

In some cases it can be 16 with parental consent, however, in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, it is illegal to get a tattoo until you are 18 years old.

In the Australian Capital Territory, you must be over 16 years and have written permission for a tattoo from your parents. The permission must explain the type of tattoo you agree to and where it will be positioned.

In the Northern Territory, there are no specific rules about getting a tattoo, but in practice, any reputable tattooist will have their own standards to abide by and will often ask you to obtain parents’ permission.

In Thailand and Bali, there is a minimum age of 15 and it’s 18 years in England and Italy.

Considerations for Parents
If your teenager is considering getting a tattoo or a body piercing other than in their ears, it is important to discuss this with them.

Here are a few tips to begin the conversation:

– Investigate the legalities of getting a tattoo and/or body piercing in your state and country you live in and discuss this with your teenager.

– Discuss this with your teenager at an appropriate time.

– Help your teenager understand the decision to get a tattoo comes with maturity and ensure they display signs of this as this will be a good indicator of them being ready.

– Listen to your teenager’s point of view. Let them tell you why they want a tattoo and why it’s so important to them.

– Ask to see the design they are considering so you can have an open conversation about appropriateness and any possible ramifications.

It’s slightly different for piercings where under 16s can have piercings, with ear piercing being the most common from babies onwards. For other piercings and to be sure of what age you can get a tattoo, it’s best to check with your tattoo studio for guidance.

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