Athletes see who’s the toughest at Bond Uni

SOME top ironmen and women are spending their day at Bond University today.

Special tests are being carried out on Nutri-Grain athletes Ky Hurst, Matt Poole, Courtney Hancock, Kendrick Louis, Ali Day and Tanyn Lyndon.

The Robina-based University will test their skill and fitness capabilities against some of the most talented sports men and women in the country.


A selection of NRL & AFL players, cricketers, and Olympians will discover just how challenging it is to be an ironman and ultimately, which of them has what it takes to make it in this most gruelling of sports.

Nutri-Grain Sports Star Showdown will allow viewers to see the athletes pitted against each other in the lab and on the beach in a series of challenges that will test their fitness, strength, endurance and adaptability to the sport of IronMan.

The Lab testing will be conducted by Bond University Professor Mike Climstein.

Participants will spend around 10 minutes in the BOD POD which is device to measure body composition based on Air Displacement Plethysmography.

Once the overall density of the body is determined, the relative proportions of body fat and lean body mass are calculated

VO2MAX TEST- 1 Ironman & 1 sports star running side by side on a treadmill at an incremental pace for 8-12 mins. Blood sample for lactate analysis. This will measure oxygen consumption and a good predictor of aerobic endurance

The tests will be conducted over three days.