Athletics Australia head coach resigns, new review announced

UPDATE: FORMER Australian cricket coach John Buchanan will chair an independent review of athletics in Australia in light of a lackluster Commonwealth Games performance in Glasgow.

Athletics Australia launched its own review into Commonwealth Games performance in August, but on Thursday an independent review was announced by the Australian Sports Commission.

The ASC said it would focus on things like the stagnation of junior participation levels at a time when participation is growing in other areas.  Also the performance of governance and administration of the sport at all levels and attracting greater commercial interest.


The ASC website reported “John Buchanan is eminently qualified to lead this work having held a variety of roles in international cricket, most notably as the incredibly successful Australian national team coach between 1999 and 2007.

“During his career, he has forged a reputation for being innovative, thorough in his preparation, consultative in style and driven to succeed. His ability to work with all of the sport’s stakeholders will be critical in ensuring the review identifies solutions for the long term future of the sport.”

Buchanan added: “I’m looking forward to working with all stakeholders in athletics to identify the best future pathway in the sport. In particular, I have a lot of respect for Little Athletics and the value of its brand and look forward to working with the organisation.”

The news comes shortly after Athletics Australia head coach Eric Hollingsworth quit his post.  He was sent home from the UK for publicly lashing out at Helensvale hurdler Sally Pearson.

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