Attempted murder charges laid over Lady Gaga’s dog-napping incident

US Police have finally laid charges over the horrifying armed dog-napping incident of Lady Gaga’s dogs.

The pop star’s dog walker was shot in the incident on February 24, as he heroically tried to save the pooches from getting stolen.

Two out of three of the dogs were taken, while the other ran off but was later found.


Lady Gaga, who was filming in Rome at the time, offered a whopping $US500,000 reward for the return of her pooches, and within days, they were dropped off at a local police station.

Officers have now charged five people with attempted murder and robbery, which is believed to include the woman who returned the dogs to the police.

At the time, she appeared uninvolved with the crime.

Detectives also reported that the alleged thieves were not aware that the dogs belonged to Lady Gaga and that the pooches were targeted because the French Bulldog breed is worth thousands of dollars.

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