Aus govt rolls out $24M vaccination campaign

The federal government has wasted no time launching a multi million dollar advertising campaign, with an approved coronavirus vaccine now on the way for Australia.

Just days after the Therapeutic Goods Administration approved the two-dose Pfizer jab, the government has begun a three step campaign process, which cost $23.9 million.

It’s understood the first stage is aimed at assuring people the vaccine is safe and effective.


The second stage will then provide more information on the rollouts, which is due to begin in late February. It will also prioritise the elderly, health and front line workers and migrants.

Finally, the third stage will tell Australians exactly how and where to get the vaccinations.

Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Professor Alison McMillan, has told the ABC that the campaign is absolutely necessary so that everyone knows what’s about to happen.

“I think that we’re all being talking about vaccines now for quite a long time since this pandemic emerged and it’s important that we provide – the Government provides – really reliable and accurate information to all Australians so they are informed about the progress of this vaccine and how they can have confidence that it will be safe and effective through all of the mechanisms that we have been talking about.

“This campaign that is advertising now is just a part of that phase program of providing information to everyone who needs it,” Ms McMillan said.

It comes amid an alarming warning from the World Health Organisation, urging pregnant women not to get the Moderna jab unless absolutely necessary.

Ms McMillan told the ABC they’re still waiting for more information about the safety of the vaccine with pregnant women, and for now are urging them not to get the Pfizer jab either.

“We’re still waiting for the advice about the use of the Pfizer vaccine for pregnant women and obviously AstraZeneca.

“This information will develop over time and at the moment we’re always saying to pregnant women, those thinking about getting pregnant or who are breast-feeding for instance, they’re not part of the target group right now but we’ll make sure we give them the best information so they can make the right choices about themselves and their baby,” Ms McMillan said.

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Are they also informing people that they might die having the pfizer vacation. The vacation is killing two in a thousand people.
A thousand thousand is a million.

That’s killing two thousand people in every million people.

That’s killing (50,000) fifty thousand people in the current population.
Doesn’t look like a good vacationing program if you’re one of the 50,000 go to be killed.

I will take my odds of surviving the flu no one is shoving a needle in my body

Steve, Please don’t get the vaccine. That way if you catch it and don’t survive, it will be one less idiot in the world calling it the flu.

People are dropping dead after second shot of vacation